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Children & Young People

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The church in Exning, North Newmarket and Landwade welcomes children and young people to its activities and specific week by week activities are described below.

Services at St Martins which are specifically prepared with children in mind are:

 Family Communion on 2nd Sunday each month and

Family Worship on the 4th.

At St Philip & St Etheldreda (opposite Newmarket College), there are services of:

 Communion for All on 1st Sunday and

Worship for All on 3rd Sunday at 9.30 am

For children to the age of 11 there are their own services in

 Godly Play

normally on

1st & 3rd Sundays at 11am

 in in the Gibson Room of Exning Church Community Hall.

This is adjacent to St Martins Church enabling parents to attend worship there whilst their children are in their own Service.

Younger children are welcome to come into the services at St Martins and an area at the back of church is set aside with toys to keep them amused!

For a summary of the various service click here We would however suggest you check with the current "Weekly News Sheet (WEN)" for this week's services {in case of changes for special occasions}

Young People over 11 have their own meetings

'Rock Solid’

These meet on Thursdays during term time in
Exning Community Church Hall

Rock Solid for 11 to 13 year olds (Years 5 - 7) at 7.305 pm to 8.45

We also provide a number of special activities during the year

At the end of the Spring Term we invite children from local schools to "Experience Easter" with hands on displays and activities showing the last week o Jesus' life from Palm Sunday to his Crucifixion .............. but with a celebration of his Resurrection on the First Easter Sunday


As part of our celebrations on Easter Sunday there is an

 Easter Story in Godly Play Style

followed by an

Easter Egg hunt in the Church yard and an

Easter Family Worship

During the Summer Holidays we have held a "Music Week" which includes various craft activities as well as learning songs and music from a specific "show" culminating in some of these being performed at a special service.

2009: Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo

2010: "Joseph & his Technicolor Dreamcoat"

2011: (Planned for week of Aug 16) Jonah Man Jazz

As part of our celebration of Christmas...............

An annual event is the "Advent Story" held in St Martin's Church and attended by pupils from local schools


We hold a Christingle & Crib Service  for families just before Christmas.

 As a one-off we held a "Royal Wedding" celebration on April 28, 2011 for Colourbox Nursery at St Phillip and St Etheldreda

We also support "Music Builds Communities" which  provides opportunities for children and young people to enjoy music by learning instruments and singing.



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