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This website contains information about the churches and their history, churchyard, with pictures of events and people
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The Parish Office


Parish of Exning with Landwade


We thank Ann for her many years of service as Parish Administrator/ Communications Officer  

WEN email:

Ann McMillan:

Photos: Marion Roberts



WEN News Sheet

From the beginning of July 2014 the preparation and distribution of the Weekly News sheet (WEN) is being undertaken by Cathy Whitaker who does similar work for Exning News

Arrangements for contacting Cathy with your WEN/news sheet items!



Other Printed Items


Ann McMillan has indicated that she is happy to do the following in a voluntary capacity:

·        Continue the production of special items such as flyers, posters, programmes, tickets as & when required which would mean that the parish laptp, printers etc are still utilised.

·         Work alongside anyone who needs help & support with producing flyers etc.

·         Set up an ‘office/coffee morning’ (perhaps once a month) when this work can be undertaken.

·         Be responsible for ordering the paper etc – organising delivery to coincide with an office visit!



Notes on A5 size documents

Ann needs anyone who wants an A5 sized programme/service booklet/flyer etc produced to use the following set-up in 'Word' (it is EASY!):

  1. Click on 'Page Setup'.
  2. Under 'Margins' alter 'Top', 'Bottom', 'Outside' & 'Inside' to 1cm.
  3. Under 'Orientation', click on 'Landscape'.
  4. Under 'Pages', click on '2 pages per sheet'.

or download  for word 2003/4   or word 2007. When open check that paper size is set to A5

This makes the whole process far more time-efficient & less frustrating - I will then edit & add pictures as you wish me to!

Alternatively, if you use 'Publisher' - it does the work for you!! I can access both programs.


The Parish Office… 

The use of the office space is under review

is primarily a space for adults to work, meet and occasionally socialise in!


Parish Pop In

Next Pop-In will be on Wednesday April 16th (in Holy Week) from 11.00am to 2.30pm in the Parish Office (ECCH) when we hope we can enjoy some special fellowship for Holy Week

Tea/coffee/biscuits provided & you're welcome to bring a packed lunch with you.


There is a designated spacious work area with the following equipment:
  • :
  • Risograph machine – used for most of our printing Computer compatible printer, scanner and copier
  • A4 laminating machine
  • A4/A3 laminating machine
  • Paper folding machine
  • Paper shredder
  • Paper trimmer
  • Large desk with comfy office chair
  • Booklet stapler
  • Radio/tape/CD player
  • Kettle!
The ‘social’ side of the office is set up comfortably with armchairs, standard lamps, storage bench and extra cushions for seating.
It also has a small computer desk where people can use their laptops or just a notebook and pen!

NB Children visiting the office must be accompanied by an adultthis is due to the office area being organised efficiently for parish work as well as the obvious health and safety issues.



Very Urgent Plea from the Office to all E-mailers! If you need to send a file

containing an insert of any sort for the WEN, please, please, please ensure that it is in a WORD* format that can be incorporated easily (& quickly!) into the existing format of the WEN!

(*Please note that if you use Microsoft Works {which is often supplied with new computers} you need to save the document as a a Word file .doc rather than Word for Works -- they may sound the same but they are incompatible!: JRS)

Helpful Info:

  • FONT – Arial



~ MARGINS – ALL 1cm EXCEPT BOTTOM (0.5cm) & GUTTER (0cm)




  • NO page numbers, headers or footers!!

Arial is the font of choice – it is widely recommended due to it being easily ‘accessed’ by the majority of readers. The above orientation and the application of 2 pages per sheet, means that the ‘booklet’ form of the WEN can be sorted and printed with ease. It also helps if emails are typed in Arial 10…and sent to the office website…

In the future, I am afraid that I will not be able to promise that I can sort these issues out – unfortunately, I DO NOT have the time, technological know-how or equipment! It is very draining as well as frustrating!

Of course, you can always present me with your correct originals, which I will then ‘print off’…Thank you for your help and continued support.                          Ann Mc



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