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Press Release

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Date:  Aug 2009


Ben Williams

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“Music Builds Community”


Do you want a chance to sing?

Would you like to play an instrument with other people?

So often our children learn to sing or play at school but find it difficult to join with others. 

A group in Exning is planning an exciting new project to provide opportunities locally for children, young people and adults to enjoy making music.  

Initially they want to establish singing groups for children, sometimes with parents and other adults.  

They also hope to offer opportunities for beginners, and more experienced instrumentalists, to have fun and develop their skills. 

The experience of playing and singing together will lead to chances to perform in public.  

This new community led programme initiated by the Exning Parish Churches, already includes a youth worker, and a volunteer who runs a weekly singing group for children and parents in a local school.  

To move the project forward they want to appoint a paid, part time, Project Director.  

Whilst previous experience of working with young people and some musical knowledge would be an advantage, the overriding personal quality is that they have the necessary enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to ensure the Project’s success.  

If you are interested in the project, either as Project Director or to help in some other way, Ben Williams would like to hear from you on 01638-577825 or


If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview please call Ben Williams on 01638-577825 or

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The Vicar is Joyce Willams.

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